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Approved and Pre-Qualified List
Qualified Manufacturers of Shear Connectors
MGS Information
Current General Services Specifications (MGS) By Subject

This article establishes procedures for inspecting stud-type shear connectors. Refer to Sec 1037 for MoDOT’s specifications.

1037.1 Apparatus

(a) Micrometer or vernier caliper capable of measuring to 0.0001 in. (0.00254 mm) and accurate to within at least 0.001 in. (0.0254 mm).

1037.2 Procedure

Bridge personnel normally perform inspection of shear connectors. However, in some cases, these materials may be shipped directly to the project. If this occurs, the Resident Engineer may request Materials to perform the inspection of the shear connectors.

1037.2.1 Certifications

The contractor is required to furnish manufacturer's certification in accordance with Sec 1037.10. These certifications shall be carefully checked by the inspector to ensure compliance with contract requirements. The manufacturers listed in EPG 106.1 Source of Supply and Quality Requirements have on file in Bridge satisfactory certified test results and may be considered as being previously approved sources with approved manufacturing processes. If studs from any other manufacturer are offered for inspection, Bridge shall be consulted.

1037.2.2 Inspection

The studs shall be spot checked to ensure that they are of uniform quality and condition; and free from laps, fins, seams, cracks, twists, bends or other injurious defects. The finish shall be as produced by cold drawing, cold rolling or machining. The size of studs with allowable tolerance shall be as shown in Sec 1037. It should be noted that the overall height should be measured after welding.

1037.3 Report (Records)

Stud-type shear connectors shall be reported using AASHTOWARE Project (AWP). The report is to show a Status of Accepted/Complete or Rejected/Fail. Appropriate remarks, as described in EPG 106.20 Reporting, are to be included in the report to clarify conditions of acceptance or rejection.