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Category:1053 Concrete Sealer and Concrete Crack Filler

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GS-13 Form 3

This article establishes procedures for inspection, acceptance and reporting of concrete sealers for the protection of concrete against damage from deicing chemicals. Refer to Sec 1053 for MoDOT’s specifications.

1053.1 Procedure

1053.1.1 Pre-Acceptance Lists

Manufacturers and Brand Names of concrete sealer will be placed on the Pre-Acceptance Lists maintained by the Central Office in accordance with Sec 106.

1053.1.2 Manufacturer and Brand Name Approval

If a manufacturer desires to have material added to the Pre-Acceptance List of concrete sealer, a certification and guarantee must be submitted to Construction and Materials in accordance with the requirements of Sec 1053. Upon approval of the material, it will be placed on the Pre- Acceptance List.

1053.1.3 Basis of Acceptance

The components may be accepted by certification. Certification for components shall declare the original source of the material and what material is being provided.

1053.1.4 Sampling

Sampling and Testing shall be in accordance with EPG 106.12 Pre-Acceptance Lists (PAL).

1053.2 Report (Records)

The manufacturer shall submit to Construction and Materials a certified test report from an approved testing laboratory showing specific test results in accordance with Sec 1053.

Material purchased for maintenance work may be accepted solely on the basis of the manufacturer and brand being on the Pre-Acceptance List or on label analysis, certification or detailed invoice for components. District materials will report the receipt and acceptance of the material in AASHTOWARE Project (AWP) and will mark the containers with the Sample ID number they assign.